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Emii - Time To Move On

Chicago - thanks for making “Time To Move On” #1 on WCPQ/Dance Factory Radio!


Who’s excited?!

Fun chatting with Rock Metal Inc. in NYC

Chatting with Rock Metal Inc.

What’s this on my lap? Whoa… it’s my feature in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE! It’ll be hitting shelves within the next couple of days, but until then, show some love and go “Like” the hell out of the killer article they posted on their site here. I just got back to my hotel after a great day in the studio and can’t wait to share everything with you guys! Much love to you all! 

Performing today at the Rockn Rolla Movie Awards Eco Party in LA!

Throwback Thursday!  On set of the “Magic” video shoot!

Here it is!  The “Freakier Freak" video just premiered on IGN!  What do you think?